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Register on Booking tab

Purchase your ticket on the Booking tab.


Complete the Waiver

After providing the team information, each player participating will be emailed the release waiver to be signed, and emailed back. 


Arrive at the Field. 

FIFA rules

   •     U90 Tournament Champion will receive a

        Cash Prize based on Tournament TIER.     
   •    Time: 2 sets of 15 minute halves, 5 minute break.
   •    Game: 6 vs. 6 with ball size 4
   •    Fouls: 5 fouls equals a penalty.

                    2 fouls is a Yellow Card.

                    4 fouls is a Red card.

  •  No throw-ins, only kick-ins.

How the Tournament works

  • No foul language.     

  • Roster: 10 per team max.   

  • Substitutions: Can only be made on a dead ball. 

  • Indoor shoes only, studs prohibited.      

  • Sign up: availability ends 1 week prior to tournament starting. 

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